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Bernhard Lieder

Master Trainer | Founder

Bernhard Lieder is the founder of ATHLEADERS. He is a Master Trainer and is very well known in Singapore's sports sector. He is a three time winner of Singapore's International Triathlon, adidas sponsored and an ex professional football player in Germany. He holds certificates in Personal Training, CPR/AED as well as Nutrition Coaching. He has over 15 years of personal training & bootcamp experience. Concurrently, he also worked in BASF which is the largest chemical company in the world for over 12 years. 

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Efraim is not just any personal trainer. He is the Head of Fitness for Athleaders. To say he is qualified would be an understatement! He is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist & Sports Nutrition Specialist. 

He has also participated and won several body building competitions including 2nd in WFF Asia Pacific Sports Model & 4th in WFF Universe Sports Model.

Fun fact:


  • He has never clipped his sideburns shorter than 1/4”!

  • He enjoys scuba diving – his divemaster program is in progress!



Kishendra (nick name “Kish”) is a certified ACE personal trainer.  He is also CPR/AED certified. Kish has extensive experience in strength, functional and mobility training. He used to participate in bodybuilding competitions and is thus well versed in aesthetic training and nutrition fundamentals. Through his experience in body building, he became an expert in designing fitness programs to maximise results.

Fun fact: He used to be a firefighter while serving for Singapore!


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Mira is a certified ISSA personal trainer. “ISSA” is the International Sports Sciences Association. She is also a Transformation Specialist & CPR/AED certified. Mira has extensive experience in muscle toning and post-natal training. She has three children of her own so is well versed in getting into shape post pregnancy. She also has more than a decade of corporate experience as she worked as a tax professional & advisor in corporate giants like IBM and PwC. 

Fun fact: She is the first-born child in Slovenia in 1982!


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Augustin is a certified personal trainer who has extensive experience in weight training and strength & conditioning. He was awarded a silver medal in the South East Asian Games (SEA) and was a champion in the National Karate Open. He is specialised & certified in the usage of TRX, Kettle Bell & Power Plate. He has won several awards over the years in wrestling and karate and is the go to guy for anyone who wants to build muscle. 

Fun fact: He is a geek! He loves reading, playing video games and tabletop miniature gaming.


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Wayne is a certified personal trainer as well as a certified nutrition coach. He has over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has not only been a body transformation coach for several individuals, but also has extensive experience participating in bodybuilding competitions. He is therefore well versed in what clients go through during their diet changes for transformations.  He is also certified in the usage of TRX, exercise and stress management.

Fun fact: He listens to Disney songs when he works out!


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Neha is a certified ACE personal trainer. “ACE” is the American Council on Exercise. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She holds multiple certificates ranging from a Functional Tools Coach to a MetaFit Certified Coach. This gives her an edge over other trainers. Not only is she well versed in the usage of kettlebells, resistance bands, TRX, barbells, battling ropes & power bags, she also has extensive experience running 1 on 1 personal training as well as bootcamps. 

Fun fact: She is a trained jewelry designer and manufacturer!


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Ian holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Australia (Honors). To say he has a huge number of certificates in the Sports and Exercise sector would be an understatement! He holds several certificates in injury prevention, boxing, Pilates, and glutes. He is also accredited in Exercise & Sports Science Australia for exercise physiology and science.   


Fun fact: He loves engaging with passionate people. He will talk to farmers about hay varieties, researchers about whale guts and engineers about sea wall construction!


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Hailie is a certified NCSF Certified Personal Trainer. “NCSF” is the National Council on Strength and Fitness. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting & Finance from University of Bradford. To say she enjoys running would be an understatement – she has done over 10 half marathons and 2 full marathons! Her best timing has been 4:43:59 (PBIM’19). This gives her an edge over other trainers in terms of stamina & endurance. Hailie is also a coach for the adidas club for runners. She leads the pack while running around Singapore!

Fun fact: She used to find 101 excuses to skip Physical Education lessons in her secondary school years. Now she works out 4 - 5 times a week and clocks an average of 25 - 30km per week.


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To say Dr. Bhavna is overqualified would be an understatement! She holds a PhD in Physical Education, Master’s Degree in Athletic Care & Rehabilitation, Certified Health Coach, Blackbelt in Judo, certificates in nutrition, fitness, CPR & AED and lifestyle medicine! She has international experience in health, fitness, and wellness specifically - extensive experience in personal training, weight management, body re-composition and lifestyle modification (check out her reviews below!) Bhavna has designed and facilitated effective and comprehensive nutrition and fitness plans for varying audiences.

Fun fact: Her two passions are fitness and fashion!

Dr. Bhavna

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Darren is an ISSA certified personal trainer. He has several years of personal training experience including experience from one of Singapore’s top gyms. Darren is also Certified Life Saver and holds 3 levels of certification from the Singapore Life Saving Society.

Fun fact: ​Something that many would find surprising is that he has Acrophobia (fear of heights) which he is slowly trying to overcome. 


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Melinda is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and holds specialist certificates in weight management, nutrition, functional training, essential sports science & CPR & AED. Melinda was also featured in The Straits Times (2021). The article featured her healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.

Melinda has not just participated in several pageants but won Ms. Singapore 2011. She took part in Ms. Universe 2012, Ms. World 2013 and Ms. Globe 2011. During these stints, she won awards for Best Business Woman, Best Body & Woman in Need.

Fun fact: She was a professional matchmaker to high net worth individuals and celebrities.​


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Aldrea holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science from one of the best universities in Singapore – NTU. She has a passion for sports, health, and wellness.

Aldrea has a significant amount of personal training experience. She has worked with Contours Express, GlaxoSmithKline, & Nanyang Technological University as a personal trainer. She has also been a freelance personal trainer.

Fun fact: She obtained Grade 6 level in Piano (advanced music player) and records drum covers.


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Lisa has extensive experience in healthy lifestyles, training, and recovery. She also holds ISA Certification of Exercise Prescription for Special Populations. This means she is specialized in training the youth, elderly, and pregnant individuals. Lisa also has a Diploma in Sport Exercise and Sciences from PSB Academy which allows her to have an edge over other personal trainers


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Teresa is an ACE certified personal trainer. A Cross Fit trainer, Precision Nutrition certified (nutrition coach) and a registered yoga teacher.

Teresa won second place in the 2019 & 2020 Singapore CrossFit Open Games (Age Category) and fourth place in the 2022 edition.

Fun fact:

  • She has won a planking contest, with a time of over 30 minutes!

  • She was the top 20 for the half marathon in standard chartered

  • Her everyday meal is grass-fed steak and salad


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Haris is a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, from personal training to competing in fitness competitions, Haris lives and embodies fitness.

Some of his many awards include second place at Fitness Superstar Asia 2018, fifth place at the Singapore Fitness Model Nationals and was a finalist in Manhunt Singapore 2021.

Fun fact:

  • An avid coffee lover, Haris must start his day with a cup of coffee!

  • He is a major foodie and can be found around Singapore seeking the best purveyors of Nasi Padang and gelato on waffles.



Stephen is a certified ACE personal trainer.  He has extensive experience in HIIT, balance and strength training. He has experience transforming busy individuals as well as children into the best shape of their lives by formulating effective functional workouts directly correlating to clients’ goals.


He has won several sports awards in university, national service and junior college. They range from being a captain of a college sports team to winning Floorball competitions.

Fun facts:

  • Rather than relaxing before the start of the school semester in 2021, Stephen became a COVID swab tester at Changi Airport to help contribute to Singapore’s COVID fight.

  • He loves cooking! His favorite dishes to make include homemade pizza and apple crumble.


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Govin is a FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness) Certified Personal Trainer. Govin lives and embodies fitness. He has been in the fitness industry for most of his life - 15 years as a personal trainer and 10 years in the army. He is accomplished at improving clients’ health and wellbeing at all ages and levels by encouraging a mindset about fitness and providing highly customized training. His knowledge in weight training, body composition & weight loss surpasses most other trainers in the field


Some of his many awards include 2nd & 5th place in World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation in World Championships and Southeast Asian championships respectively.


Fun facts:

  • He is a major foodie – he trains hard because food is too delicious to stay away from!



Firdaus is a NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) Certified Personal Trainer. He has a significant amount of personal training experience. He has worked with clients having goals ranging from weight loss, muscle building and strength training or a combination of them all. Having the opportunity to train and work with multiple trainers, Firdaus has gained extensive exposure to different training styles. He is also a certified Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Level 1)!


Firdaus is a certified Kettlebell trainer. He has participated in the prestigious Ultimate Kettlebell Championship 2022. Also he played for Singapore Cricket Club NFL Squad and later for Singapore Armed Forces Sports Academy football team.


Fun Fact:


His love for football now stays for life. He is an avid football fan and an ace footballer himself. He loves to kick the ball with his bunch of friends whenever they meet up.


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Stickler for perfection and a tough task master, Valen is all about going after excellence and using his will power to achieve every goal he sets.He features in Wikipedia for his remarkable contribution and achievements in the world of Arm wrestling, a sport that became his passion at the age of 13!


Majoring in Health Management and Promotion, He is a NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) Certified Personal Trainer.Valen has many years of personal training experience, during which he has worked with clients having goals ranging from weight loss, body definition, Muscle building, and strength training or a combination of them all. He is known among his clients for being patient, yet particular about pushing them, to outperform. He creates exercise sets that are challenging yet fun to do, depending on the client’s inclination towards a particular kind of workout.


Fun Fact:

In his early years, Valen was mocked and laughed at, due to his passion for arm-wrestling. His endeavours were viewed as useless or a waste of time. However, he was not discouraged and gave his passion - his all. Today when he looks back, he feels proud of himself for just one thing – Not Giving Up!!

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Soft spoken and cheerful, Ernest is always on the look out for spreading awareness about fitness, that is wholesome and life enhancing. He believes that sustainable results are always an outcome of making mindful changes in the overall lifestyle, and aiming at fitter living.


An ACE Certified Personal Trainer with sports science background, Ernest has a unique style of developing exercise sets, by combining cardio with mobility exercises, calisthenics (exercises that don't rely on anything but a person's own body weight) and the gym. His rehab training certification gives him an extra edge when he trains clients. His ability to blend injury prevention methods and postures into his programs helps sports enthusiasts or even others, be mindful of the right technique and movements. He also helps clients combating low risk niggling aches and pains while exercising, get onto a faster route of recovery.


Ernest has also completed Fat Loss Specialization course from the Australia Strength Performance Program


Fun Fact:

He loves participating in deeper conversations about life and makes a conscious effort to keep his mind peaceful and calm at all times.