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Melvin is a personal trainer who has a background in the sport of Fencing before making a switch to personal training. Melvin started Fencing back in Secondary School and has competed in the Cadet and Junior category. Melvin was also in the National Fencing team and has travelled around Asia and SouthEast Asia for tournaments. Melvin was also a Fencing Coach teaching beginners and experienced athletes of all ages.


Melvin specialises and has a keen passion in Strength and Resistance training, High Intensity Interval Training, Bootcamps and Weight Management, which led to teaching and engaging many individuals in Singapore. Melvin has been constantly upskilling himself by attending Fitness Conferences, Seminars and Events (Both Online and Offline) to stay on top of his game.

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Mira is a certified personal trainer and transformation specialist. She understands well the challenges of balancing professional career, family, sport ambitions and healthy lifestyle in the fast-paced environment, and is determined to achieve the best possible results in the limited time for trainings. Having experienced recovery after a sports injury and pregnancy, she also understand the physical limitations and the additional motivation needed to overcome these challenging situations.

A former corporate professional, Mira holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Master’s Degree in Law.


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