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Into my second month with the team and I've got to say this is the best, most professional PT program I've had so far, perfect for those who hate going to the gym and can't commit to group classes. The workouts are tailored, the coach really understands your strength and areas to work on 100%, and pushes you to explore core movements you didn't know you could do (and they explain WHY it's good for you, too). My coach is super patient and encouraging, and I appreciate how dedicated he is in helping me to achieve my goal - they also have nutrition programs and recommend tailored menu according to your diet preference. What I like best is that, my trainer strikes the right balance in consistently motivating you without being too pushy/intimidating!

-DINDa citrini

Finally  trainers that looks like trainers 😊 They not only have a certification but are professional! I had at first review, they have the patience to listen and understand what are your goals, your needs and fit the right program and trainer. I'm very pleased, finally I found a trainer who helps me build the right foundation and achieve my goal! Well recommend ❤️


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The private group sessions are amazing! It's a tailored program that fits exactly my needs and I get to enjoy it with a group of my close friends. What's great is that I don't have to travel anywhere. It's so convenient and an affordable way to stay fit! I love it!

-RADHIKA sheshashayee

In addition to exercises focused and tailored to improve your fitness level & body shape, what Athleaders provides is a very welcoming environment for people of all ages and fitness levels. [The coach] makes sure you feel welcome and adjusts the exercises to your level. He is incredibly well versed and experienced in all matters fitness, injury prevention/ curing and nutrition and gladly shares it.
The team atmosphere created is very welcoming, providing a sense of belonging and most importantly, gets you out of bed and wanting to exercise even on the hard days because you feel you've gotten your time & money's worth, been challenged appropriate to your own level (and pushed where you can/ want to) and end with a smile on your face after being in such a positive energy charged environment.

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-Berna Okten 


​I bless the day I decided to hire Athleaders. I have been training with Athleaders, for 10 months now. After lockdown I was in a very poor health condition. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and after giving birth I didn't dedicate time to properly exercise. I had never been a real sports person. Here is where Athleaders succeeded. They are not only helping me improve my physical condition, but they are making me love it!!!!!!!
They not only coach you in term of exercise, they tackle the situation in a holistic way, including nutrition. I like the way they encourage you to carry on, they do it in a very elegant way. They have been amazing, encouraging me not to give up every single time we go back a phase and gyms close. They text you to see how are you doing and always encourage you to contact them in case you need further advice the days we don't train together. I never get bored, I am learning a lot of things I didn't know.
I'm not sports expert but every person who has see me train with them has come back to me to tell me how good they are!!! I really recommend them!!!!

-SILVIA garza

My team had a 90-minutes ‘lunch and learn’ session with Bernhard of ATHLEADERS. We engaged Bernhard to speak to our team about how to best perform under pressure. Today’s session with Bernhard really helped our team, giving them concrete guidance. A quick feedback session I had with my team after 90 minutes with Bernhard - they took a lot of positive guidance along and they will apply it right away at their daily job. Anyone who wants to push their team to a higher performance culture, I would recommend working with Bernhard. Fantastic session, thank you very much Bernhard.” 

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