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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending on their circumstances. Determination, persistence and hard work are always necessary when achieving any health target. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed. 

Are you are having a busy schedule and finding it hard to manage time between work and gym?

Are you are looking for a fitness program that is customised to meet your specific goals and not a one-size-fits-all approach?

Are you are looking for additional accountability? Someone who can take charge of your fitness goals and help you achieve them from the convenience of your home?

Are you are looking for a fitness routine that is sustainable and you can continue long term?

Are you are looking to achieve results within a time frame?

Whatever the situation, we got you! Athleaders has designed our personal training program based on the 3 most integral aspects for success - CONVENIENCE, RESULTS and CUSTOMISATION.



our approach

1  Keeping your convenience at the forefront, we make ourselves available at your preferred location (condo gym, living room etc.) On average, an Athleaders client saves 9 hours every month since we come to you. This totals to you saving 4.5 days every year! 

We believe in results that can be measured, tracked and experienced over an agreed upon timeline. We ensure success by providing not only a customised work out plan but also a personalised nutrition plan that is sustainable and curated for your circumstances. 

We offer highly customised personal training programs based on your individual goals, timeline and lifestyle. We bring the equipment necessary to ensure you reach your goals and tailor the program to cater to your exact needs. 

When we say we have the top personal trainers in Singapore, we’re not kidding! Ranging from South Asia game medalists to bodybuilders to CrossFit champions, they truly are the best of the best. Be it weight loss, body transformation, toning, muscle building, pre/post natal or rehabilitation, we know how to convert them into results for you, sooner than you think!



"Want actual results and not just talk? Athleaders is the way to go. It is the only Personal Training company that has helped me reach my goals and trust me, I've tried many Personal Trainers out there."

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