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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending on their circumstances. Determination, persistence and hard work are always necessary when achieving any health target. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed. 


Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Sick of that protruding belly or flabby arms? Want maximum results in a minimum amount of time? We can help!


ATHLEADERS conducts highly customised personal training at your preferred location (condo gym, living room, nearby park etc.) across the island. We bring the equipment necessary to ensure you reach your goals and tailor the program to cater to your exact needs. Want to build muscle? We pair you with a trainer who is specialised in strength & conditioning. Want to lose wight? We pair you with a trainer who is well versed in weight loss and can guide you on the appropriate nutrition.


Essentially, after a thorough consultation call with you to assess your objectives, starting point and timeline, we pair you with the right trainer who can get you the results you want to see. 


In addition to our personal training packages, you also get FREE individualised nutrition coaching included. Every week, our trainers will guide you on what steps can be taken to drastically change your nutrition and thus your eating habits.


When we say we have the top personal trainers in Singapore, we’re not kidding! Ranging from South East Asia game medalists to bodybuilders to CrossFit champions, they truly are the best of the best. We have personal trainers specialised in strength & conditioning, weight loss, toning, post pregnancy and injury rehabilitation.


After your first FREE consultation call, we will pair you up with a trainer that best suits your needs. 



"Want actual results and not just talk? Athleaders is the way to go. It is the only Personal Training company that has helped me reach my goals and trust me, I've tried many Personal Trainers out there."

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