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Train at your CONDO GYM

Want to work with weights or machines in an air conditioned environment? No issue. Our certified trainers will familiarise themselves with the equipment at your private or condo gym and customise a results oriented program for you.

train AT HOME

Don't want to step out to exercise? No problem. Get the top personal trainers in Singapore to come home and train you in your living room. We will bring all the necessary equipment to ensure you reach your goals. We can provide you with weight sets too if you'd like! 

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train with a partner

Train outdoors

Have a friend or a family member you want to train with? Athleaders will customise a Buddy Personal Training program for both of you to meet your respective goals & timelines. Having someone train with you always helps you stay consistent and makes it more fun! 

Don't have access to a condo/private gym? Want to get some fresh air while working out? No problem. We can train you in an open area, fitness corner, nearby park etc. You name it! Our trainers will bring all the necessary equipment to help you achieve your goals at the place of your convenience. All you need to do is just show up!

No time to commute to a gym?

No problem! We understand that you may have a busy schedule and find it hard to squeeze in a workout. Not having to travel to and fro a gym saves you 10 hours a month on average. That totals to over 4 whole days a year!  This is why we bring fitness to your doorstep - living room, condo gym or any open area nearby.

Looking for customised personal training?

We get it! We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. All our sessions are tailor made to meet your unique circumstances, goals and timeline. We start your personal training process with a complimentary consultation to understand your needs and challenges. After this, we create a customised nutrition and fitness plan which suits your objectives and lifestyle. No matter what the goal is; weight loss, muscle building/toning, general fitness, pre/postnatal, rehab - we got you!

Looking for a transformation program?

We offer maximum results in a minimum amount of time! We create a plan to help you achieve measurable and visible results within the timeline you have on mind. We have had clients who have lost 12kg in 10 weeks in order to get in shape for their wedding and also clients who have lost 28 kg in 25 weeks because of health risks. Our customised fitness & nutrition plan has a multiplier effect on your results which starts showing from Week 1 onwards.

Looking for a sustainable fitness routine?

We got you! Having a fitness and nutrition program that is sustainable and you can continue long term, is key to leading a healthy life. We will design one that suits exactly your needs which goes at your preferred pace. One that fits to your circumstances and you are sure to realistically be able to carry out in the long run.

Want to have your partner or friend join you?

Great idea! Our buddy personal training program is designed to help friends and couples train together. A great way to bond with your partner. Sweating it out together and motivating each other to achieve your fitness goals can be fun and rewarding. We have seen the results speak for themselves when our clients get their spouses or friends to join them for workouts. That extra boost of accountability, motivation and of course the fun part of doing it together helps you stay consistent which is key to achieving results . 

Looking for accountability and a good match? 

We understand that having someone take charge of your fitness goals plus being able build a rapport with you is crucial to having a successful training experience. That is why we make sure to match the most suitable trainer with you by understanding what personality traits in a trainer work best for you. Pushy, Flexible, Bubbly, Knowledgeable - These traits may work for some but not for others. We make sure you get the accountable trainer who understands you and knows how to make you achieve your desired goals.

Whatever the situation, we got you! Athleaders has designed our personal training program based on the 3 most integral aspects for success - CONVENIENCE, RESULTS and CUSTOMISATION.

our approach


1  Keeping your convenience at the forefront, we make ourselves available at your preferred location (condo gym, living room etc.) On average, an Athleaders client saves 9 hours every month since we come to you. This totals to you saving 4.5 days every year! 

We believe in results that can be measured, tracked and experienced over an agreed upon timeline. We ensure success by providing not only a customised work out plan but also a personalised nutrition plan that is sustainable and curated for your circumstances. 

We offer highly customised personal training programs based on your individual goals, timeline and lifestyle. We bring the equipment necessary to ensure you reach your goals and tailor the program to cater to your exact needs. 

When we say we have the top personal trainers in Singapore, we’re not kidding! Ranging from South Asia game medalists to bodybuilders to CrossFit champions, they truly are the best of the best. Be it weight loss, body transformation, toning, muscle building, pre/post natal or rehabilitation, we know how to convert them into results for you, sooner than you think!



"Want actual results and not just talk? Athleaders is the way to go. It is the only Personal Training company that has helped me reach my goals and trust me, I've tried many Personal Trainers out there."

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