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Our story

Like many good things, our story started with a cup of coffee. In April 2018, a colleague asked our founder to support his health and fitness journey:

“I want to be fit and healthy. But I can’t find a good trainer who understands fitness and nutrition and knows how to work with a corporate professional.”

One week later, the first training session happened on a tennis court in Suntec City.

Using minimal equipment, our founder applied his knowledge of more than 25 years in team and individual sports as well as his knowledge of coaching professionals in a corporate context.

The client left happy and highly motivated to return the week after. First noticeable fitness gains showed up within 2 weeks (something that hasn’t changed ever since). The gospel spread.

Within a few weeks, the slot became known as the “Wednesday workout” or “Bernie’s Bootcamp” and attracted up to 15 people every week. 

Requests for personal training and customized nutrition coaching continued to roll in. Satisfied clients shared their results with friends – who in turn started working with us. 

In November 2019, ATHLEADERS was incorporated. 

The name ATHLEADERS was chosen to reflect our belief that everybody who has a body is an athlete – and that everybody has the choice to lead or follow. 

Despite the effects of COVID, ATHLEADERS continued to thrive. Within less than 9 months, full capacity was reached and the team of skilled coaches and highly competent support staff started to grow. 

This year alone, we have trained CEOs & managing directors, entrepreneurs & working professionals, investors, artists & home makers from more than 30 different countries. 

We are now are on a mission to support the health and fitness journeys of more than 5,000 individuals by 2025. Until then, feel free to join us for a few more cups of coffee...

Our mission

To help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through high-quality personal/group training and nutrition coaching. 


our vision

To support lasting physical success. 


Our Founder

BERNHARD LIEDER is the founder of ATHLEADERS, Singapore's Preferred Health Coach for Corporate Leaders.

Prior to founding ATHLEADERS, Bernhard worked in Asia, Europe & North America for multinationals like BASF, Lufthansa and Prada. This has given him an unparalleled understanding of the challenges corporate professionals are facing on a daily basis.

A former professional athlete himself, Bernhard played professional football in Germany and won the Singapore International Triathlon 3 times in a row (2015-2017). He shares his passion for sport as a coach for Adidas Runners Singapore.

He holds a Master’s degree from Munich Business School and is a certified nutrition coach. He trained with the #1 global ICF-accredited coaching school & studied extensively with private coaches in fields related to mental fitness, physical health, human performance and movement science.

His sought-after SPEECHES have made him a REGULAR at conferences and in companies (Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, among others) across Asia-Pacific. For media enquiries, please contact 

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